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When we lay out the welcome mat for business travelers and tourists, businesses can create good jobs for Americans and bring added revenue into our communities. By making travel and tourism a priority, we are ensuring that when tourists are ready to travel and businesspeople are ready to make deals, they come to the greatest travel destination of them all—the United States.

Highlights from the Global Aerospace Summit

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Here’s what businesses need to know about the American aviation industry in advance of the Chamber’s Global Aerospace Summit in September 2022.

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Our Work

The Chamber is working to get domestic and international travel back on track because tourism, global commerce, and supply chain flows all depend on it. That means safely lifting travel restrictions, broadening visa waiver programs, limiting wait times at Customs, and implementing trusted traveler programs to reduce the hassles without jeopardizing safety.

Chamber OnDemand

Discover how companies are making travel safer in the post-COVID world, COVID-19’s impact on the travel industry, and what to expect for post-pandemic travel.

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