Despite majority opposition from Americans, tax cuts are given to the wealthy

The fight for sensible tax reform continues as Republicans consider further measures to cut taxes for the wealthiest individuals at the expense of middle-class families. On Tax Day, Americans took a stand against the TrumpTax by holding events across the country to bring awareness to the harmful consequences of the GOP tax bill.

Congressman Holding voted against the interests of North Carolinians when he supported tax breaks for wealthy corporations and individuals. A similar measure that passed in the state of North Carolina resulted in flat wages for workers and the widening of income inequality. It also resulted in state revenue being reduced by more than $3 billion, with wealthy corporations and individuals benefiting more than middle and low-income North Carolinians.

Recent polling shows that a majority of Americans oppose the tax plan forced through Congress by Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans. The new polling also shows that Americans believe that the tax plan unfairly benefits the wealthy and well-connected. North Carolinians for a Fair Economy is committed to fighting for a more fair tax code that does not disproportionately benefit the wealthy at the expense of working North Carolina families.